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John is on the Board of the EAP and the President of the EAPL in Kenya overseeing our projects on the ground.  He has been involved with the Partnership since the inception of EAPL. John also serves as an elder in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. He operates a successful tourism company, CrombicTours, and provides the transportation and lodging for our teams when we visit.


​Edd serves as the Vice-President of the EAP. An expert in the drilling and maintenance of water wells, Edd first got involved in the Partnership in 2000 with a mission trip to Kenya.  Edd helped oversee the first seven wells that were drilled by the EAP, has a passion for irrigation and the farming program.


Doug has had a heart for the people of East Africa for many years. He first became involved with the EAP in 2005, and has also served on the Board of the Staff of Hope, helping to drill more than forty water wells and provide clean, safe drinking water for thousands of people. He is passionate about the farming and irrigation programs, and has made ten trips to East Africa.



Dr. Cozean is the President of the EAP. A serial entrepreneur, Colette has founded at least 25 different companies over her career. She is an elder in the Presbyterian church, serves on the Board of Directors of Forest Home and other charitable organizations, and has led more than 35 mission trips to East Africa. Colette has a particular passion for helping children.


Nahashon is a passionate and devoted servant of God and the East Africa Partnership.  An elder in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Nahashon has been involved with the EAP for nearly 20 years. As a former hospital CEO, he founded the Medical Program and serves as Vice-Chair of the EAPL.


Nicole is a physical therapist who runs the Medical Program of the EAP. She owns her own clinic, PelvicSanity, and is one of the country's foremost experts on treating pelvic pain conditions. She first visited Kenya to teach and train in 2008, and has led multiple medical mission trips. Nicole also serves on the Board of the ICA and is the author of The IC Solution.


Reverend Bruce is ordained in the Reformed Church of America and oversees more than 140 congregations on the West Coast. He is the author of multiple acclaimed books on leadership and spiritual gifts, which can be found on his website He has led multiple trips with the EAP, and is passionate training pastors and growing leadership teams.


Jesse Cozean is an author and consultant. He heads the Communication of the EAP and has led ten different trips to Kenya and East Africa. Jesse is the author of My Grandfather's War and The IC Solution, which can be found at He specializes in helping small businesses and non-profits develop and market their ideas and programs.

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