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The East Africa Partnership

Mission Statement

The EAP was founded to help the people of East Africa in a holistic and sustainable way.  

A True Partnership

All projects are selected and led by our partners in Kenya and throughout East Africa.  More than 70 leaders are on the ground, making decisions about what projects to invest in and directly overseeing the work of the Partnership.


All projects started by the East Africa Partnership must be self-sustaining within two years, generating enough revenue to keep the project going.  This allows the EAP to continue to expand our ministry, confident our projects will last.

Mission Trip

We're accepting applications for our next mission trip, from May 26 to June 10 of 2017! A medical team, consisting primarily of nursing students from Cypress Community College, will be training and providing treatment at rural clinics. A mission trip will be working with the children in our Homes, meeting with our scholars, and deepening our relationships in East Africa. Contact us for more information or an application!

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